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Tips on how to use Power adapter properly

1,Please carefully check your original adapter''''''''s parameters (voltage, current, and DC plug size, etc.) to comfirm the purchased one is the same and can match with the computer. No mixture use between adapters with different parameters to avoid the destruction of the machine.

2,Do not roll up, squeeze or pull the power cord cable to avoid danger from the breakage of external or internal PVC wire.

3, Avoid scratching or puncturing the power cord PVC jacket and adapter case. If any damage on the PVC power cord cable, please stop using it immediately.

4,Do not hang adapter to avoid damage from long bearing of the power cord cable.

5,The surface temperature will go too high when the power adapter works, so please keep it cool and away from flammable materials.

6,When the Power adapter issues a large noise, overheats or smokes, please stop using it immediately and disconnect the power.

7,Avoid  the power adapter being dropped, hit or soaked.

8, Do not connect the power adapter to other devices. When the laptop is not charging, please keep the adapter off state.

Warning:  Power adapter is just for indoor use only, do not use in hot or humid environments.